How to Choose Resistance Bands?

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How to choose resistance bands for your home workouts?

As I said in article 2 which compares weights and resistance bands for strength training, resistance bands are now a real alternative to dumbbells for exercising at home or on the go.

If you're looking for the most economical way to replace your gym membership, without sacrificing the quality of your workouts, here's the solution:

Resistance bands for your workouts :

Be careful, I'm not talking about the simple resistance bands like these : 

High Quality Resistant Bands - Haryzona

I am referring to latex tubes that are associated with handles, door anchors, and universal anchors. Here's what I am talking about :
Resistant Bands Set - Haryzona

These latex tubes that you can take with you anywhere can help you build muscle mass and flexibility while losing weight.

And all without emptying your wallet!


How about a comparison of brands :

In this article, I will give you my opinion on what I consider to be the best resistance bands in the market.
I could have written a comparison, but I did not.
Do you know why I didn't?
Because there's not much to compare it to.
To compare, you need at least a panel of brands that offer quality equipment.
It remains my opinion, you do what you want with it, but in my opinion, there is only one brand available on the American and French market worthy of interest if you are looking for durable equipment.
If you want to ask me questions in the comments area at the bottom of the article, I will be happy to answer you.
Don't hesitate, I love to talk with you.

Why choose resistance bands :

Since I've already covered this issue recently in this article to help you choose between weights and resistance bands, I won't go into detail.
Let's just say that resistance bands are a very effective piece of equipment for your fitness or weight training sessions.

They can replace dumbbells at home or on the go.
Haryzona - Kit resistant bands

They are ideal for muscle-building and strength-building sessions and rehabilitation sessions because of the reduced risk of injury and joint stress.

Resistance bands allow you to perform a multitude of different exercises. Even more than with dumbbells, since you can work the tension in your muscles from right to left, diagonally, or from top to bottom.

These movements are impossible with free weights.
Haryzona - Elastic resistant bands - Fitness at Home
Why buy a kit of resistance bands rather than a single resistance band?
Quite simply because once you start training, you will feel the need to increase the resistance as you progress.

The advantage of the kits is that they include different levels of resistance that usually start at around 10 lbs and allow you to add up the different latex tubes to reach resistance levels of up to around 100 lbs.

You see, that's huge!

Moreover, not every muscle group can be trained with the same resistance.

Why can't every muscle group be trained with the same resistance?

It's logical, your shoulders for example have much less strength than your thighs.

At least, for the majority of normal people...🙄
If you want to know if it is possible to have bigger muscles with resistance bands, I invite you to read this article: Can You Get Bigger Muscles With Resistance Bands?


Why the choice of your resistance bands is crucial :

Haryzona - Kit Elastic resistant bands - Workout at Home
As I've already written elsewhere in this blog, the most important thing when buying barbells is to buy cast iron records.
That's pretty much it.

One set of adjustable dumbbells is quite enough to get you started.

However, when it comes to resistance bands, not all products are the same.

You can find a wide range of kits on the market, but the quality of the products is not necessarily exemplary.
⚠️ : If the price differences between the different brands are not very important, the same cannot be said for the quality!

Already remember this crucial point: natural latex or rubber is much more durable and tear-resistant than synthetic rubber.

Synthetic rubbers are organic (living) materials. They do not age well and are not recyclable.

As you will have understood, you should avoid buying kits made of synthetic rubber resistance bands.

This is why I have reduced my choice to one brand that I will talk about now.

It also has the advantage of offering cheap kits for the quality presented.
I invite you to visit their website by clicking on this link!
Haryzona Logo

The remarkable quality of Haryzona resistance bands :

 1) Latex quality :

As you just read, natural latex or rubber is much more durable and tear-resistant than synthetic rubber. However, many resistance bands are made of synthetic rubber.

 2) The security system :

As I pointed out in the article on the difference between resistance bands and weights, I was reluctant to buy this type of equipment in the past. Rubber bands would either blow up in your face or stretch to the extreme.

Today, this problem is an old nightmare.

On the one hand, the latex in elastic bands is extremely resistant. Just think, it can stretch to 8 times its length!

On the other hand, Haryzona resistance bands are equipped with a safety system.

To put it simply, this system prevents the resistance band from blowing up in your face if it breaks.

This double protection seems important to me.

You should know that even the weakest latex tube with a basic resistance of 10 lbs can stop a load of about 100 lbs thanks to this system.

So imagine when you use several tubes together!

It is almost impossible to break them.

 3) The scope of the range :

As you will see in the summary table below, Haryzona offers a range of kits suitable for all levels of fitness and bodybuilding.
These kits offer an overall resistance that varies from 10 to 100 lbs. In other words, the range is largely sufficient.
The best bodybuilding equipment resistant bands
I don't even know if there are many people able to use the whole set at 100 lbs of resistance.

You will also find in their product catalog simple resistance bands for yoga, a floor mat, etc...

 4) A very complete and free website :

I find their website really well done, super-nice, and extremely useful.

The weight training program offered with the purchase of the kit will give you enough work for 1 or even several months for the most motivated among you!
My Recommendation :

Conclusion :

The Haryzona kit offers an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to setting up a weight training or fitness program.

It is a quality latex construction and safety system that make this kit the best fitness equipment to own at home.

Its resistance capacity is a challenge for the most athletic, even in the most difficult fitness workouts.

The variety of the Haryzona range allows everyone to find their way around without setting their wallet on fire.

Now you can read the 4th article in this series: Resistance Bands with Handles: Why you have to get some!
 Here you will learn how this equipment will help you increase your muscle volume.

⚠️: This article is the third in a series that demonstrates that resistance bands are the best equipment for home training. They are also called elastic bands. You will be able to achieve exactly what you set out to do with this remarkable piece of equipment.

If you haven't already done so, start by reading the second article in this series to help you choose between resistance bands and weights.

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