The Benefits of a Workout with Elastic Bands!

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Is this really effective to workout with elastic bands?

It is possible to build up muscles with elastic bands. It's even much easier at home than with dumbbells. This equipment is much less difficult to use for a quick workout.

But, as I've already explained, there are some rules to follow. First, I will briefly explain why you should use the resistance bands set for your home sessions instead of the dumbbells.
If you want more details on this subject, I invite you to have a look at the second article of the blog: Resistance Bands Vs Weights: What to choose in 2020?


What are the advantages of a workout with elastic bands?

1. The progressive resistance of elastic bands :

When you do sessions with free weights such as dumbbells and bars, the resistance is constant. This is also the case with bodyweight exercises. This means that you put constant stress on your joints, even when they are not in the best position to provide an effort. We will come back to this point in the next section.
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It's very different from elastic bands. Indeed, they require more force as you stretch them. I think you can easily understand this principle. The more you pull on an elastic band, the more it resists. Of course, its size and the quality of its rubber or latex will determine its use. In the case of elastic bands used for sports, they are very strong.
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This mechanical property makes it the equipment of choice for home sports. Indeed, you benefit from the following advantages:

- The more tension increases, the more your muscles have to work. This is perfect since your muscles are in the contraction phase at the very moment when the effort required is at its maximum.

- As the latex band pulls back to the starting position, you retain the resistance during the descending phase.
Moreover, these same qualities allow you to use a band to relieve your efforts. This is what I explain in detail in an article to learn how to do pull-ups at the bar. Elastics can therefore be used in different ways in your training.
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2. Respect for joints :

These technical features of elastic bands, therefore, offer further advantages during their use. In particular, elastic bands reduce the risk of joint and muscle injuries.

I admit that when you're 20 years old, you don't care about them at all. I started to get injured after 30 years. Before that, I could do just about anything. Now, at 45, it's not the same song at all. 🙁
If you use dumbbells, as, during a bicep curl, the muscles must force from the start of the movement. This means that when your arm is outstretched, your muscle fibers must pull the load as the muscle is stretched. Like an elastic band, a stretched muscle can tear. Not to mention the risk to the tendons.
In addition, your elbow joint will be under enormous stress which can lead to tendonitis. I know something about it!
In fact, your biceps are in good posture only when your elbow passes the right angle. It's the same with your joint. Afterward, when the muscles are contracted to their maximum, they have almost no more effort to make. In any case, the hand can't go any further.
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With an elastic band, it's very different. The bands help to preserve muscles, tendons, and joints during the effort. Indeed, the tension of the elastics will naturally follow the muscular contraction and accompany it. The resistance will be stronger as the contraction of the muscles increases. It is therefore perfect at the muscular and articular level.
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You will be able to increase the resistance on the muscles when they are strongest and contracted, without increasing the tension and stress when they are weakest. The quality of your sessions will inevitably improve, as will your strength. This is an incredible advantage because it is very difficult to progress alone with dumbbells. There will inevitably be a time when you will need help to continue to progress.

How do you maintain your elastic bands?

The truth is, you don't have to do much and your equipment will last for years, even without maintenance. 😉

The only advice I give you is to wash them from time to time with soap and water. For example, you can take them with you in the shower after a session during which you have perspired quite a bit. But that's really all the maintenance you need to make them last.
If you want to know more about the safe use of elastic bands, I invite you to read this article: Follow simple precautions to make band workouts safe.

Where do you buy your elastic bands?

My recommendation:
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There is no obligation, but I assure you that you will not be disappointed when you see your muscles getting bigger and your figure getting slimmer. 
Thank you for reading me, and I hope this article has been useful!

How about you? What do you think about elastic bands for strength training?

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