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Why you should have a workout with elastic bands at least twice a week?

If elastic bands are becoming increasingly popular among fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts, it's not surprising. Having a workout with elastic bands became very popular thanks to these fit girls on Instagram performing buttocks exercises.

Used for many years by physiotherapists in rehabilitation, resistance bands have now been adopted by most physical trainers who integrate the use of this equipment in their training programs.

Rehabilitation with elastic bands - Haryzona

Associated or not with traditional muscle-building equipment, elastic bands offer the advantage of optimizing the performance of athletes on several axes: strength, speed, power...

For people who simply want to build up their muscles and get back into shape, fitness elastics or kits of resistance bands are also very interesting, as they allow functional movements to be performed at home, with resistance adapted to one's own abilities.

Haryzona - Kit Resistance Bands 

Advantages of a workout with elastic bands :

1) Progressive resistance :

When doing exercises with weights (dumbbells, bars, weight machines, or bodyweight exercises), the resistance is constant from the beginning to the end of the movement. In contrast, exercises performed with elastic bands offer variable resistance. The more you pull on the band, the more the tension increases.

The advantage of this progressive resistance is that it limits tension when the working angles are not favorable (unlike constant load exercises where tension is often at its maximum when you are at a phase of movement where you cannot use 100% of our muscular strength) and allows us to obtain high tension over a greater part of the movement.

Example 1: During the deadlift, the force curve is upward, which means that you are able to develop greater forces at the end of the movement. The classic deadlift exercise will make you work a lot at the beginning of the movement, then much less afterward, while the elastic deadlift will offer a progressive resistance that will coincide with the increase of our muscular capacities.

The deadlift - Haryzona

Example 2: It is the same for curls with dumbbells. Lifting weights will require a lot of strength at the beginning of the exercise. This is the time when you are most likely to suffer a joint injury. While doing curls with elastic bands, the resistance increases as you go along. There is therefore less stress at the beginning of the exercise, (when you are not at 100% of your capacity) and therefore much less likely to cause an injury!

 Curls with dumbbells - Haryzona

2) Limit injuries :

As we have just seen, the big advantage of working with elastic bands is to be able to fluidify the muscular tensions during fitness and strength training exercises, on the one hand by increasing the tensions when our positions allow us to develop a maximum of strength, and conversely by alleviating the tensions during our muscular "weakness" positions. In this second situation, training with an elastic band also helps to relieve the forces exerted on the joints, thus limiting the risk of injury.

Joint Injury 

3) Improving performance :

Strength training exercises with elastic resistance are increasingly used at a high level because they allow significant gains in strength, speed, and power. 2 main reasons:

  • During the last degrees of a movement's amplitude, the increase in elastic resistance makes it possible to stress more muscle fibers than during exercise with a constant load.
  • The use of elastic bands allows the realization of plyometric type training, which corresponds to the rapid sequence of an eccentric contraction (the muscle stretches) and a concentric contraction (the muscle shortens).


4) Various exercises :

You would like to strengthen your arms, legs, abs, back, shoulders, pectorals... Whatever your level and your objectives, elastic bands, and kits of resistance bands allow you to perform a multitude of exercises. You will only need to equip yourself with different models more or less resistant because each muscle is different and therefore requires a more or less strong resistance.

Various exercises with elastic bands - Haryzona

For more exercises, have a look at this article: 33 Resistance Band Exercises You Can Do Literally Anywhere

5) Training everywhere :

Whether you use muscle-building elastics or thinner resistance bands, one of the big advantages is that you can carry them everywhere. At home, in a park, in a hotel... light and compact, the elastics will allow you to continue training wherever you are.

Resistance Band Workout in a park - Haryzona

I could have added other advantages of training with resistant bands, such as being able to train from home during the COVID-19 pandemic or the value for money.
But the list would be a long one, believe me...


Disadvantages of a workout with elastic bands :


1) Quantification of loads :

Contrary to traditional weight training where the load (number of pounds) can be easily determined, work with an elastic band is more approximate. It is difficult to know the exact load used, but also to measure its progress... But it is better to progress faster without knowing it, rather than to progress slowly knowing it! 😉


2) Attachment of the elastic band :

If most elastic bands are sold with fixing "anchors" (door anchors, straps...), depending on where you are, it is not always possible to attach our bands at the desired height. It is then sometimes necessary to know how to make compromises by carrying out variations of exercises.

Resistance Bands Set Exercises - Haryzona

As you can see, you can still manage to do different exercises without using the door anchor! 


3) Wear of the elastic bands :

Most elastics bands are designed to stretch and shorten tens of thousands of times to more than 200% of their original length, giving them a relatively long life expectancy. However, it is rather the small cuts caused when attaching them to rough surfaces as well as the cold and sun that will accelerate their wear. It is, therefore, necessary to regularly check the condition of your elastic bands and change them as soon as small cuts appear.


The elastic bands I recommend for your Workouts:

The various tests I have carried out with elastic bands from different brands allow me to offer you the best elastic bands available on the market today. I propose those of the Haryzona brand. 

I made the pictures you're about to see by myself. I hope you'll see something in them. Sorry, I'm not a professional photographer. To make these pictures, I put the bands back as I received them so that you can get an idea of the packaging proposed by the Haryzona brand and other brands.

Haryzona's elastic bands package

As you can see in the photo, Haryzona arranges her strips in small plastic bags which are then placed in this small black bag, together with the small exercise booklet.

Haryzona's Resistance Bands Vs Competitors' Bands
Concerning the other bands, nothing of that, just a bag that cracked after 2 days and higher prices ... Not so good...

To be completely transparent with you, I was really looking forward to receiving them for testing. The problem is that they took a little time to arrive (around 3 weeks). But hey, I ordered them in the middle of a COVID-19 crisis when everyone was getting into sports. They were probably overwhelmed because of the large number of orders. Anyway, the customer support is very efficient and it is possible to track your order directly from the website. No worries my friends!

Moreover, I was really not disappointed when I received them, they are packed very neatly. There's even a small booklet with the different exercises to do with these elastic bands. In short, if I chose the brand Haryzona, believe me, it is not by chance.

The thickness of the bands will vary according to the desired resistance. The ideal is to have several bands like this pack of 5 elastics, then you can perform all types of bodybuilding exercises.

If 5 elastics seem too much, I suggest this pack of 3 bands:

Tubes are also interesting, especially when they are equipped with carabiners and different attachment systems. I recommend this kit of resistance bands:

Haryzona's kit Package - Workout at Home

You can order it directly in this article. Otherwise, you can visit the Haryzona website.

There is no obligation, but I assure you that you will not be disappointed when you see your muscles getting bigger and your figure getting slimmer.  

Conclusion :

Whether it is for fitness, bodybuilding, weight-training, to complement your workouts or for rehabilitation, the elastic bands have a real advantage for your workouts at the gym or at home.

Good quality and inexpensive, users of these bands are rarely disappointed.

As you know, before writing an article about sports equipment, I always test the equipment for a few months and draw conclusions.
After extensive testing of the Haryzona brand's durable tapes, I quickly came to the conclusion that this brand offers quality durable tapes at an unbeatable price. That is why I recommend them to you today.

Thank you for reading to me. If you want more content about resistance bands, I invite you to read the article: The Benefits of Resistance Bands for Your Workouts!

If you are interested in a workout program with these elastic bands, I recommend you this Free Workout Program with Resistance Bands

Have you ever used elastic bands for all kinds of reasons (Fitness, Bodybuilding, Rehabilitation...)? Tell me in the comments section!

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