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The Best Workout Equipment for Sale: Resistance Bands!

In the world of bodybuilding, resistance bands often tend to be forgotten or ignored. Especially when compared to all the heavy bodybuilder equipment such as guided or free-loading benches, dumbbells, cast-iron discs, and kettlebells.

Why is this gym equipment so often sulky? Well, probably because it doesn't impress young athletes looking for muscle volume.

And yet, resistance bands have many advantages... especially if you're training at home, or if you're mobile. For me, it is by far the best workout equipment for sale.

Bodybuilding Equipment - Haryzona


Different types of workout equipment for sale:

There is a different type of muscle-building elastic band for each training objective and the strengthening of each muscle group.

But it is still better to invest in a kit that will allow you to do almost anything you want.

There are for example:

  • The resistance bands set with handles attached to the tubes :
Kit Resistance Bands - Haryzona

Pretty cheap. They are perfect to replace dumbbells. They allow you to build muscle without having to lift weights. The risk of injury is therefore 10 times less than with dumbbells or squat bars for example. These are the bands that I recommend in priority.

  • The traditional small resistance bands :

Resistance Bands - Haryzona

Perfect to complement your workouts. I encourage you to buy 2 or 3 of them for your squatting sessions because let's face it, for women as well as men who want to have a nice butt, nothing better than resistance bands!

  • Specific kits for particular gymnastic exercises, such as jump squats. This type of resistance band does not seem to be particularly useful except for those who are looking for a particular performance on a particular movement, such as basketball or tennis players who want to improve their explosiveness on the jump. Their objective will be to strengthen the buttocks and quadriceps above all.

So you have to choose what you really need. And it often depends on how you use it.

Sometimes it is good to combine 2 models of elastic bands.

For example,

The resistance bands set is perfect for building upper body and abdominal muscles. In addition, the little resistance bands will be perfect for legs workouts (lower body workouts).

Before buying anything, the resistance bands set must also respect these 3 criteria: Quality, Functionality, and Price.

Whatever your final choice, you will have easily transportable equipment at your disposal.

Here is the model I have selected for you:


The best workout equipment for sale: the resistance bands set

Here's one of the best resistance bands set currently available on : 


A few words about the brand Haryzona:

Haryzona is one of the few brands, to my knowledge, that offers a security system of resistant bands. For example, on the weakest of the bands, it would already take 100 lbs of traction to break the rope, while the resistance of the tube is only 10 lbs!

So, unless you're the Hulk, there's not much chance of that happening! 😉
The first advantage of this system is that the tube cannot hurt you if it breaks. The second is that you cannot stretch the tube beyond its natural resistance.

I'm always looking for a quality kit to offer you instead, but it's not easy to find.

Regardless of the brand, natural latex offers a much longer life than the rubber that characterizes cheap resistance bands.


The best resistance bands for lower body workouts: 

These resistance bands are different from the kit, but it is worth looking into them.

They do not replace tubes with handles, but they will allow you to have even more complete sessions.

Practices for squats :

For example, you can use them for more intense squatting sessions than with tubes. These latex bands are flat and do not require the use of hands since you can pass them over your legs.

Practices for fitness and yoga :

Many readers are not looking for muscle gain, but they want to improve their flexibility and tone. If you fall into this category, these resistance bands are also for you.

To learn more about yoga resistance band exercises, read this article: How to Do Yoga With Resistance Bands

If you are interested in buying several resistant bands, Haryzona also offers packs at reduced prices :

Resistance levels are classified by color, ranging from X-light for green to X-Heavy for black.

If you don't know which exercises to perform with these bands, it doesn't matter because when you receive your resistance bands, a small booklet will be in the package with the different exercises to perform. Yes, Haryzona is thinking of you, readers!


Resistance Bands - The advantages :

Resistance bands have an incredible amount of advantages for most of you:

  • Lightweight, versatile, and easy to carry in a small bag, they are the perfect choice for those who want to train anywhere. Whether you're traveling, in a hotel, at a friend's house, or at home, they'll follow you wherever you go. Imagine arriving at your family's house for the holidays with your dumbbells, bars, and weight bench...
  • You can use them alone and perform hundreds of different exercises for all muscle groups.
  • A weight-lifting elastic band allows you to work your muscles on all levels. Your movements can go from bottom to top, like the dumbbells, but also from top to bottom, from right to left or from left to right, diagonally... So you have infinite possibilities for exercise.
  • The stress on your joints is considerably less than with free weights since you have almost no tension at the beginning of the movement. It is during the contraction of the muscles that the tube tension increases. The resistance bands, therefore, respect your body mechanics much more.
  • Due to their lightness, you can easily train on your own, even if you are trying something big. On the other hand, it is totally inadvisable to do sessions with heavy loads when you are alone or with someone who is unable to help you in case of a problem.
  • By associating them with your movements with free weights like dumbbells, elastic bands will even improve the quality of your sessions and your muscle congestion.

It is undoubtedly possible to find further advantages to resistance bands.

That being said, the choice of your bodybuilding elastic kit is extremely important too. It's not a question of buying just anything just because it's a good idea?

All the more so as the resistance bands come in different forms.


The Resistance Bands Set: How to do the best choice?

Before you order or buy anything, you need to know what you want to do with it.

Of course, the quality of the resistance bands you choose is important. In addition, a kit should be complete enough for your use, including door anchors, dowels, and sturdy handles.

You may also need a barrier strip to protect the latex tubes during your sessions outdoors or on rough ground.

In my opinion, the Haryzona super door anchor is a must if you train at home often. But to do so, you need a door where the anchor will stay all year round or almost all year round. However, it's not worth it if you have to take it apart often.

The Haryzona super door anchor

As with dumbbells, you have to choose a level of resistance that suits you. But you also need to understand that weight-lifting bands offer more and more resistance as you stretch them.

Fortunately, manufacturers give an indication of resistance in pounds or kilos on elastic bands. This gives you an idea of what to buy. Especially if you are used to using dumbbells.

In any case, if you buy a kit, it will be very easy for you to test and choose which tube or group of tubes you should use.

Indeed, the Haryzona kit that you see in the box above allows you for example to use several elastics at the same time, and thus to cumulate the resistances.


Why I chose these resistance bands :

When I bought my first resistance bands set, I really became a fan. I was really amazed because with simple elastic bands I found the same training sensations as at the gym!

Moreover, with the super door anchor from Haryzona, I have a real weight room at a lower cost. If you really want to train seriously, I encourage you to do the same.

All I have to say in conclusion is that I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Thank you for reading to me, you can...

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