3 Ways To Get Motivation To Workout During The Pandemic

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By now you’ve probably heard of COVID-15 — and no, it’s not a new strain of the virus. Also called “Quarantine 15,” this refers to the weight gain that many people have experienced during the pandemic lockdown after losing access to gyms, personal trainers, and recreational activities. Even with the accessibility of fitness classes increasing through online videos and live streaming, many people still find that the pandemic has negatively impacted their fitness goals.


Get Motivated to workout - Haryzona


So are you a victim of COVID-15 and you need motivation to workout? It’s time to get back up on that fitness horse. Here are three ways to commit to your fitness goals and make the most of online fitness opportunities.


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3 Ways To Get Motivation To Workout


1) Work out with an online buddy.


Are you still mourning the loss of your fitness social circle? Even though we know exercise is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve health and appearance, most Americans were actually not getting enough exercise even before the pandemic. The Association for Applied Psychology, along with countless other researchers, show that accountability partners are essential to staying committed to fitness plans.

Get motivated to workout during pandemic - Haryzona


Don’t let your lack of in-person exercise opportunities deter you from finding an online accountability partner with similar goals who can motivate you (and vice versa). Use social media, sign up with communities on health websites, email your local gym, or call up old workout buddies.


2) Track your progress.


Nothing motivates you to work toward a goal quite like tracking your progress. MyRunningPal and RunTastic are two free apps that connect to the GPS on your phone — and there are dozens more out there. If you want to get the best, most accurate figures in order to stay on top of your health goals, get a smart scale that not only tracks your weight but also your body fat percentage — while seamlessly syncing with many fitness apps.


A smartwatch or fitness tracker can also elevate your fitness game with stats on exercise, caloric intakes, and other health-related goals, like hydration, sleep, and meditation. These kinds of gadgets are more than just fitness trackers — they are really fitness partners.


Whether you’re interested in purchasing a smartwatch or you need an updated phone to load and run workout apps, you may be able to find deals when you purchase a device from your wireless provider. Many providers offer discounted smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets when you sign up for a new plan or trade in your old device.


3) Sign up for online classes.

Motivation for working out - Haryzona


There are online workout options for almost every budget. YouTube is a great source for free videos — many of which are taught by nationally recognized fitness professionals. You can also purchase a package for live online yoga classes or subscribe to libraries of online yoga and meditation videos. You can even join group fitness classes via Zoom and other live streaming platforms.


Whatever you choose, make it yours. Set up a dedicated workout space at home where you won’t be interrupted. You need not spend thousands on expensive gym equipment. High-quality resistance bands from Haryzona can enhance any workout whether you’re strength training, doing yoga, or stretching.

Also be sure to exercise during the time of day that is best for you, and make it a regular routine so that you can better stick to your new fitness lifestyle — through COVID and beyond.


Once you feel like you’ve fallen too far off your path to your goal, it can be hard to feel motivated to get back on. And without the support of an in-person trainer or community, you might feel lost, confused, or even uninterested. Give online classes a try and invest in tech that keeps you accountable. Ultimately, you will create new habits to stop COVID-15 in its tracks, resulting in a healthier and more confident you.

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