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Natural Bodybuilding: The Best Way To Build Muscles

"Natural Bodybuilding" doesn't mean anything to you? It's simply a method, a way to build muscles and keep in shape by performing exercises adapted to the physiology of the human body.

The Plank Fitness - Haryzona

These exercises are inspired by the physical movements that our ancestors used to perform in a natural environment. They are global: they work several muscles at the same time, saving you a considerable amount of time (no need to work one muscle after the other) and allow for a harmonious development of your body and your musculature!

These exercises are done at bodyweight or with a low load, which allows you to work on the dynamic balance of the body.
The traditional bodybuilding environment often focuses on unnatural and specific movements with too heavy loads that can lead to serious trauma if these movements are not practiced properly.

The definite advantage of bodyweight exercises is that they are easy and free of charge. They can be performed anywhere, by anyone and at any time for more than impressive results. The only thing you have to spend is calories, not bad! 😉

I'm going to share with you my 8 best natural bodybuilding exercises with a detailed description of how to perform the exercise and the targeted muscle areas.

8 Complete, global exercises that work all the muscular chains of the body, in short, the top of the top, don't look further! 🙂

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Your 8 Best Natural Bodybuilding Exercises:

1. Push-ups:


Push-ups are the "number one" exercise in my opinion, and along with pull-ups, it is one of the great must-haves.

Push Up - Haryzona


The push-ups in natural bodybuilding are most often done with your arms stretched out, hands shoulder-width apart, feet slightly apart:

  • Inhale and bend your arms to bring your rib cage close to the ground.
  • Push until the arms are almost fully extended, exhaling at the end of the movement.

Targeted muscles:

The push up is a very complete exercise that works the entire chest and upper limbs: pectorals, deltoids (shoulders), triceps, anterior serratus. But also the whole of the abdominal belt with work on the deep muscles or stabilizing muscles, muscles that are essential for good balance, and a certain ease of movement in everyday life.

Important points:

  • When performing the exercise, remember to retract the navel by making a slight contraction of the abdominal muscles (be careful not to make an apnea) to sheath and solidify your abdominal belt and your back.
  • Avoid excessive joint amplitudes at the end of the pushing movement, keep a slight flexion to protect your joints.
  • It is your arms that descend, not your head or hips.
  • It is possible to start with knee push-ups, making sure to keep your legs, back, and shoulders in line. It's all the way down, not just the shoulders.


2. Pull-Ups:


Traction is on the podium of the best natural bodybuilding exercises, this exercise is ultra complementary with the push-ups because it allows working the opposite muscles (antagonists) for a balanced development of the musculature and prevention of injuries.

To see the benefits of pull-ups in detail, have a look at this article: 7 reasons to do pullups every day.

Pull Ups - HaryzonaPull Up - Haryzona

Realization: Requires a pull bar (or a sturdy tree branch)

Tractions are most often performed hanging from a bar with the hands in pronation (palms facing forward) or supination (palms facing us).
The aim of this exercise is to lift yourself up with your arms while exhaling to come and place your chin above the bar, then release to return to the initial position while breathing in.

Targeted muscles:

This exercise allows the optimal development of the entire back, and more specifically the large dorsal (the muscle that forms the V-shaped back of athletes).
It also strengthens the flexors of the arms: biceps and anterior brachial muscles.

Important points:

  • When performing the exercise, remember to tuck in your navel while coordinating your breathing.
  • During the descent phase, don't completely relax your outstretched arms but keep a slight flexion: your tendons will thank you...
  • Pull-Ups can be a difficult exercise for the new practitioner, for this purpose, there are elastics of varying degrees of tension that can be attached to the pull bar and connected to the legs. This makes the exercise much easier!


3. Burpees:


Burpees is a very complete natural bodybuilding exercise that works the upper body and the lower body at the same time, it leads to an important sheathing of the whole body. Its 3rd place is well deserved. It is a perfect exercise for beginners!

Burpees - Haryzona


This exercise consists of a continuous sequence of leg bending or squatting, a passage in manual support with arms and legs stretched, then a regrouping of the body, legs bent, and a vertical jump.

Targeted muscles:

Upper body: pectorals, shoulders (deltoids), triceps, and abdominal chain (superficial and deep).
Lower body: quadriceps (thigh), calves, and gluteus maximus.

Important points:

  • When performing the exercise, remember to tuck in your belly button while coordinating your breathing.
  • When descending with your hands, remember to perform the movement with your buttocks slightly out to protect your back.
  • For those who are comfortable with the exercise, it is possible to add a pump when you are on the ground, making the exercise much more explosive.


4. Mountain climber:

Mountain Climber - Haryzona


The mountain climber is an intense natural bodybuilding exercise that can be done easily by all levels.
It will stress the whole abdominal sheathing, the shoulders, as well as all the muscles of the upper thighs called iliopsoas (muscles that allow lifting the leg).


Put yourself in a push-up position on the tips of your feet, legs, and arms stretched out, your body must be straight and cheerful (alignment legs/buttocks/back/head).

While bending your right leg, bring your right knee close to your right elbow under your chest without touching your foot on the ground; in an explosive movement, reverse the position with your left leg. The movement is dynamic and is similar to a knee bend or knee strike to the chest.

5. Front Lunge:


The front lounge is a basic exercise in natural bodybuilding, it allows a complete work of all the lower limbs: quadriceps (thigh), big buttocks, calves.
It also allows a dynamic mobilization of the sheathing and the balance at the level of the abdominal belt.

This exercise allows you to sculpt beautiful buttocks and firm and curved legs.

Front Lunge - Haryzona


Standing, legs shoulder-width apart, back straight and hands on your hips, take a big step with the leg of your choice forward, then perform a leg flexion until you reach a 90° flexion at the level of your knee.

Make sure your heel is aligned on a vertical axis with the knee and do not exceed this limit. Your back leg is parallel to the ground, with your foot resting on the toe.

Finally, push on your front leg while exhaling to return to the initial position.
You can start again on the same leg or alternate.

Important points:

  • Keep your back straight and abdominal muscles supported by tucking in your belly button during the exercise to protect your back and stabilize your position.
  • Avoid bending your knee too much, your knee should not extend beyond your tiptoe.
  • Coordinate your breathing.


6. Breakdance:


We're not talking about doing a dance routine here, but almost. The Breakdance exercise in natural bodybuilding is halfway between the push-ups and the facial sheathing exercise (which we'll see later).
It allows a very complete work because it combines the muscular work of these 2 exercises.

Push-Ups Plank Fitness - Haryzona


Put yourself in the push-up position, respecting the alignment of your feet, back, shoulders, and head.

From this position, bend one arm to rest on the elbow and forearm on the ground, do the same with the other arm. You are now resting on both elbows, from there go back up to pump support with one arm, then the other. Repeat the whole thing non-stop to make a repetition.

Remember to sheathe the abdominal belt by retracting the navel and keep the alignment of the body without bending your back.

7. Abs/butt Exercise:


This exercise is a very good natural bodybuilding exercise that allows an important solicitation of the lumbar vertebrae, gluteus Maximus, and hamstrings (muscles at the back of the thighs which are very often too weak, that it is imperative to strengthen).

Abs and Butt Exercise - Haryzona


Lying on your back, bend your knees at 45° and put your feet on the ground.
From this position, lift your hip as much as possible and try to contract your buttocks intensely.

To make the exercise more complex, you can lift one of the two legs in the same direction as the leg on the ground.
This exercise is usually performed in a series of 20 to 30 seconds.

8. The Plank:


The plank is a very good natural bodybuilding exercise for beginners and a very good complement to the pelvis elevation sheathing. It will deeply stress the whole abdominal belt.

The Plank Natural Bodybuilding - Haryzona


Place yourself on the ground in the push-up position, then go down on your elbows and forearms keeping a correct alignment (head, shoulders, back, legs, feet on the same line).

Hold in this position without rounding or arching your back.
Remember to tuck in your navel to ensure more stability at the level of the abdominal belt.

It was my top 8 of the best natural bodybuilding exercises you can do at home, without equipment. But I'll make an exception...


Natural Bodybuilding: Our Recommendation

If you want to workout in the best conditions, I recommend that you buy a gym mat. Indeed, if you do your exercises without a gym or fitness mat, you risk injuring your elbows, your back, or even worse, your joints.

That's not great...

That's why, if you don't have one yet, I recommend you to buy this gym mat:

I've written a whole article about this gym mat. You can have a look at it by clicking on this link.

Thank you for reading me, I hope you found this article useful!

What's your favorite body-weight exercise? Tell me in the comments!

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