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Free Workout Program:

Resistance Band Workout - Haryzona

Easy to carry and take everywhere, the resistance bands allow a wide variety of uses. They have been widely used and then replaced by machines. Long reserved for rehabilitation and women, today we are rediscovering the benefits of using elastic bands with different levels of resistance.

In addition to its benefits during stretching and recovery, resistance band training improves muscle mass, strength, movement technique, speed, etc...

That's why I Integrate this fitness equipment in this Free Workout Program.

The variable resistance exerted by the band in tension makes it possible to work the muscle force on the one hand and to relieve the muscle on the other hand by relieving it of part of its load, for example for traction. The joints are protected in certain positions and thus relieved.

Our muscles are like elastic bands that are lengthened or shortened according to the stresses placed on them. When they are very stretched, they cannot produce much force, hence the interest of elastic bands that allow us to go further in this type of movement.

On the contrary, in the negative phase of a movement, the muscles are no longer under tension and the elastic band maintains this tension longer by adding intensity. And intensity means a gain in muscle mass.

Elastic band - Fitness at Home - Haryzona

With resistance bands, you will be able to train at home while traveling or at the gym because elastic bands can be used either alone or in combination with machines, being complementary.

This workout program with resistance bands developed by our coaches includes the best exercises to do with one or more strength bands.

I know that if you are reading this article, it is because you are interested in some changes or improvements in your life. You have decided to train with resistance bands and this is a very good thing.
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This article will teach you simple things that will make all the difference and make you happy.
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Your Free Workout Program with Resistance Bands:

This free workout program with resistance bands offers the best exercises with a weight band.

It offers two routines of the upper body and lower body exercises that you can combine with the warm-up and abs. Although the lower body routine is more woman-oriented, it is not just for women.



  • Jump squat:

No band for this exercise: A good warm-up is essential for both muscles and joints but also to gradually increase the heart rate.

✔️4 sets of 15 to 20 reps

 Jump squat - Haryzona

Thighs & buttocks/lower body:

  • Resistance band plank march:

Place the band around the 2 ankles with taut support. Then, bring one leg back towards the chest so as to put the knee at the level of the sternum. Alternate left and right.

 ✔️4 series of 20 reps

Resistance band plank march - Haryzona

  • Bodyweight rear lunge:

No stripe for this exercise: The dynamic front lunges stress the quadriceps and buttocks. The bust remains straight, the lunge is long. The angle of the knee forward is 90°. Then push up with the heel. Alternating left and right.

✔️4 series of 20 reps

Bodyweight rear lunge - Haryzona

  • Resistance band leg extension:

Sitting on a bench or chair, the band is placed around the ankles. Keeping one foot on the ground, raise one leg without raising the knee. Once horizontal, lower the leg. Alternate left and right.

✔️ 4 sets of 20 reps

 Resistance band leg extension - Haryzona

  • Resistance band glute bridge:

In the supine position, the band is placed around the knees. Then lift the pelvis by spreading the knees apart. Come down without putting your buttocks on the ground.

✔️ 4 series of 15 reps

Resistance band glute bridge - Haryzona

Upper body:


  • Resistance band seated chest press:

In a seated position, place the band on the upper back. Then grasp both ends before stretching the arms horizontally. Bring your hands slightly closer together to increase the contraction. The back is flat and sheathed.

✔️ 4 series of 15 reps

Resistance band seated chest press - Haryzona 

  • Resistance band seated shoulder press:

Place the band under the buttocks and grasp each end. Then stretch the arms towards the ceiling. Slowly descend, keeping your elbows in line with the floor. The back is flat and sheathed. 

✔️ 4 sets of 15 reps

Resistance band seated shoulder press - Haryzona

  • Resistance band seated straight back row:

In a seated position, place the band under the feet and grasp the ends. Then pull in the direction of the hips. Slowly lower without breaking the tension of the band.

✔️4 sets of 15 reps

Resistance band seated straight back row - Haryzona

  • Resistance band seated biceps curl:

Sitting on a chair or bench, put the tape under your buttocks. Then, grasping the ends, bend the elbows simultaneously. The elbows remain fixed. Move down without breaking the tension of the band. 

✔️4 sets of 15 reps

Resistance band seated biceps curl - Haryzona

  • Resistance band rear fly:

Standing, the tape is positioned in each hand. The right bust, spread the hands while moving back the elbows. Return to the initial position without breaking the tension. 

✔️4 series of 15 reps

Resistance band rear fly - Haryzona

  • Resistance band external rotation:

Place the band behind the elbow and grasp the other end with the opposite hand. Then, keeping the elbow close to the body, pull backward keeping the forearm parallel to the ground. Return to the initial position without breaking the tension.

✔️ 3×2 sets of 12 reps

Resistance band external rotation - Haryzona 

Abdominal strap:


  • Reverse crunch:

No band for this exercise: Lying on your back, the legs describe a 90° angle and the hands are flat on the ground. Then raise the pelvis so that the knees are closer to the chin. Come back down with your lower back on the ground.

✔️ 3 series of 15 reps

 Reverse crunch - Haryzona

  • Elbow to knee:

No band for this exercise: Placed on the ground, hands are behind the neck and elbows are apart. Perform left and right rotations, taking off the upper back and legs. The left knee and the right elbow meet and vice versa. Be careful, never pull the neck with your hands. It is the obliques that work. 

✔️3 series of 20 reps


Elbow to knee - Haryzona

  • Hollow hold:

No band for this exercise: To work the deep muscles you should not neglect the sheathing. In the prone position, the body is stretched from the tips of the feet to the hands. Only the buttocks touch the ground. The upper and lower parts of the body are raised. 

✔️ 4 times 45 to 60 seconds

Hollow Hold - Haryzona

There are many other strength training exercises with resistance bands to combine with your regular training to gain strength while protecting your joints and muscles.

As I said at the beginning of this article, I have a little surprise for you. For those who usually read me, they know that every time I talk about a product, it's because I've tried it. And that's the case right now.

I have tried the Haryzona resistance bands and I think they are the best in terms of value for money. Very cheap and high quality, I recommend these resistance band packs.

I recommend that you order one pack and not just one resistance band because you will need more than one band. This is because every muscle is different and needs a different resistance to train properly.

I realized that myself. At first, I had only bought one and I soon regretted it. Especially since, if you look closely, buying the small pack equals 2 bought = 1 offered and buying the big pack equals 3 bought = 2 offered.

Here it is:



  • The elastic band does not require any attachment point other than a body part.
  • Performing the movement with moderate tension allows the movement to be performed in the correct range of motion. It is essential to place the band in such a way that it is fixed and does not slip.
  • In order for each exercise to be performed at the right intensity, the elastic band must never be distended. A slight tension should be applied at the beginning of each movement and should increase as the amplitude increases.
  • As the tension increases with the amplitude, it is important to choose the right resistance of the band.

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