Resistance Bands with Handles: Why you have to get some

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Resistance bands with handles, what the hell is that?

What the hell ? Haryzona


How do you build muscles with resistance bands with handles?

Big Biceps Haryzona

In fact, before saying what works or doesn't work, you need to know the mechanism of muscle grabbing. Otherwise, there is no point in saying that one method works better than another.

Are you okay with that? OKAY.

Yeah, what makes muscles fatten? In reality, it is not enough to simply lift dumbbells or weightlifting bars.


The rules to follow absolutely to gain volume with resistance bands with handles (without gaining fat).

Here they are in order of priority :

 1. Choose a maximum of 8 to 12 repetitions to favor volume. Underneath, you promote strength, while longer runs work on endurance and cardio.

 2. Increase muscle resistance gradually and regularly. Indeed, it is the muscular degradation that leads to its reconstruction and volume gain.

 3. Do not work a muscle more than twice a week when you have reached an intermediate level (i.e. after 6 months of quality training).

 4. Select 3 exercises per muscle/muscle group (the 3rd will be a single joint finishing movement).

 5. Consume at least 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight (3 grams maximum).

 6. Change your exercises regularly to jostle your muscles and force them to adapt.

 7. Eat more on training days, but not on rest days (to avoid fat absorption).

 8. Consume fewer carbohydrates outside of workouts. Also, remember to drink enough water.

 9. Get enough sleep to boost her testosterone production.

 10. Practice intermittent fasting to naturally increase growth hormone.

Read this article: How to Gain Muscle Without Gaining Fat

As you can see, the 4 most important points for grounding concern the type of training chosen.

So the question is this:

Can resistance bands meet these criteria?

The answer is definitely YES!

What prevents you from taking enough resistance to stall at the 8th or 12th rehearsal?

That's what I do on my second and third sets. I do 16 to 20 rehearsals on my first set to warm up.

Then I choose tapes that force me to stop at the 12th rehearsal in the 2nd set and at the 8th in the 3rd set. Often, I increase the resistance even more to stall at the 6th rehearsal during a 4th set. It helps me go one step further.

A concrete example:

In the standing chest development, I do:

 - 20 repetitions to heat me up to 30 lbs of resistance per arm.
 - 16 repetitions at 50 lbs of resistance per arm.
 - 12 repetitions at 60 lbs of resistance per arm.
 -  6 to 8 repetitions at 80 lbs of resistance per arm (with the goal of increasing by 3 lbs per arm next week).

Standing Chest Development Resistance Bands Haryzona

I know you'll read comments on the Net saying that resistance bands with handles don't give you volume.

But it's FALSE, and I've never seen studies to prove it. And I'm living proof that those opinions are wrong, even at my age. I took 1,2 inch of arm circumference in 4 months with the bands when I was almost 44 years old!

Moreover, studies carried out in the USA clearly indicate that it is possible to build up muscles with this equipment. Only if you're looking for a bodybuilder's physique will you be forced to use cast iron. And using steroids and other nasty stuff...

But that kind of physics was never to my liking. Besides, it's almost impossible to maintain a huge amount of muscle mass in a natural way.

Let's hear it!

Not natural - Haryzona


Why choose resistance bands with handles to build muscle?

This blog is primarily aimed at those who work out or work out at home or on the go.

Resistance bands only have advantages for them.

Advantages of resistance bands:

  • Able to mobilize more muscle fibers than melting.
  • Lightweight and space-saving.
  • Easy to transport and store.
  • It can be used anywhere.
  • Very resistant if you buy the right material (we will talk about this later).
  • Cheap.
  • Versatile, because they allow much more movement than any other equipment.
  • Low stress on your joints.

Anyway, this stuff really blew my mind.


This great weight training tool also allows you to continue building muscle despite the fact that gyms are closed.
Indeed, this must be an argument used by all home fitness brands, but it is the reality.
This is really THE equipment that I recommend to continue workouts during this difficult period.


Training model for building muscle volume:

I recommend a 4 day a week program so that each muscle is targeted twice if possible. If your schedule does not allow you to do so, at least follow the 3-day split routine.

Program 4 days a week:

The 4-day split routine program is as follows:

 1. Monday: Upper Body Session
 2. Tuesday: Lower Body Session
 3. Wednesday: Rest
 4. Thursday: Upper Body Session
 5. Friday: Lower Body Session
 6. Saturday: Rest
 7. Sunday: Rest

You can of course adjust the days to what suits you best. But try to keep the rhythm 2 days of training/1 or 2 days of rest.

Program 3 days a week:

A 3-day split routine should be established over 2 weeks like this:

Week 1

 1. Monday: Upper Body Session
 2. Tuesday: Rest
 3. Wednesday: Lower Body Session
 4. Thursday: Rest
 5. Friday: Upper Body Session
 6. Saturday: Rest
 7. Sunday: Rest

Week 2

 1. Monday: Lower Body Session
 2. Tuesday: Rest
 3. Wednesday: Upper Body Session
 4. Thursday: Rest
 5. Friday: Lower Body Session
 6. Saturday: Rest
 7. Sunday: Rest


Apply the 8 to 12 rehearsal rule to boost your volume!

Remember to respect this rule if your primary goal is to gain volume. Your sets must be intense enough that you cannot go beyond 12 rehearsals (except for warm-up).

Otherwise, increase the resistance of your belts. If you stall below 8 repetitions, reduce the resistance. Do at least 3 sets per exercise and 3 exercises per muscle or muscle group.


Choose the right resistance bands with handles!

Yes, pay attention to the quality of the first-rate resistance bands. Most of them are poor quality at best, dangerous at worst.

For my part, I bought the Haryzona brand for its quality and security system. However, there are a few other good quality models on the market. Feel free to read all my articles on bodybuilding resistance bands (see links at the end of the article).

The main qualities you need to look for in order to get resistance bands are:
  • Made of natural latex for durability and exceptional strength compared to synthetic rubber which will dry and crack.
  • Quality fasteners and handles for safe training.
  • A kit adapted to your strength complete and affordable (with 5 or 6 resistors).

Mine are of impeccable quality and solidity. I use them 4 to 5 times a week without sparing them, and they show no signs of fatigue.

In addition, the super door anchor included in the package will allow you to have a real weight room at home.

Resistance Bands with Handles and Door Anchor

How much do resistance bands with handles cost?

Obviously, equipment of this quality requires a lot of design work and testing.

How much does it cost to increase your muscle volume and lose weight without setting foot in a gym?

A misery compared to the benefits you're going to get from it.


Incredible possibilities!

With your resistance bands, you'll be able to:

  • Do all the moves you can do with dumbbells and more.
  • Workout anywhere in the world.
  • Easily replace machines found in gyms (such as rowing machines, hamstring benches, tilting presses, etc.).
  • Create sessions dedicated to muscular volume gain as with free weights.
  • Reduce the strain on your joints during workouts.
  • Save on the purchase of equipment or subscription to the room.
All for so little money. Really, that's the best I could come up with.

It really slapped me in the face when I saw how effective they were. Yes, I can now build up my muscles with light and portable equipment. You too.

This material is too little known in my opinion, and therefore not enough media coverage.

I use them 4 to 5 times a week, and for me, nothing can replace them to gain muscle without the disadvantages of dumbbells (joint tension, risk of injury, crowding, indispensable benches, price, etc.).

I promise you, I won't go back to the barbells. Even under torture (well, maybe so...). This product fits perfectly to the requirements of a home weight training program. 

If you don't have this kind of material at home yet, I invite you to order it on the site
You can also buy them directly here :


There is no obligation, but I assure you that you will not be disappointed when you see your muscles getting bigger and your figure getting slimmer.

⚠️ : This article is part of a series that demonstrates the superiority of resistance bands over dumbbells for home training. They are also called elastic bands. You will be able to achieve exactly what you set out to do with this remarkable equipment.


Here's my top 3 best home workout equipment.

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