Resistance Bands vs Weights

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Resistance Bands vs Weights:

What's the best option for your home workouts?

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Before reading this article, if you are already convinced of the effectiveness of resistance bands, I directly invite you to read this article: "How to Choose Resistance Bands?".
I have to confess something to you first.

If you had asked me a few years ago to choose between resistance bands and weights for my workouts, I would have asked you if you were in your right mind.

The only memory I had of resistance bands was those famous wooden and metal handles with 4 or 5 tensioners that would fart in your face during training. If they didn't break, they were so distended after 10 sessions that your arms had become too short... 🙄

So it seemed like 220 lbs of discs and bars of all styles: straight, short...

But today, because of my frequent trips abroad, I had to make other choices that completely changed my way of seeing things.

Workouts with Resistance Bands - Why I changed my mind!

Already, because only fools don't change their minds, and that's not the category I prefer to be classified in. Which doesn't prove that I'm not one...😕

But it must be acknowledged that resistance bands have completely evolved, and now raise this real question:

Which equipment should you use for your workouts: Resistance Bands Vs Weights

Resistance Bands vs Weights - Haryzona

And you will find that this question is worth asking. Because everything is changing, including my opinion on the subject. Resistance bands have nothing to do with the equipment I used to know before.

That's why I use them today in my training program.

Follow me to find out why.

Resistance Bands - What's going on?

I chose the resistance bands set complete with handles and ankle straps, to which I added a great door anchor. This kind of equipment is the best on the market for those who want to do without dumbbells for example.
Fitness at Home resistance bands - Haryzona
The elastic resistance bands have been in use for almost a century.
Today, it is mainly used in fitness or rehabilitation sessions.

Resistance Bands Vs Weights - Common Points :

Elastic Bands fitness - Haryzona
Resistance bands and weights have several similarities:
 - They allow you to create resistance in the muscular effort.
 - They offer the possibility to modulate the workload.
 - You can do a multitude of different movements during your training.
 - The movements can be executed more or less quickly with the 2 types of equipment.
Know that these 4 similarities are extremely important for a quality workout.
Numerous studies have shown that it is possible to gain muscle volume and strength with both types of equipment. Elastic resistance bands allow you to burn fat in the same way as weights.
Contrary to what you might think because of their lightness and apparent fragility, resistance bands can produce as much resistance as weights during a workout.
That's why resistance band workouts stress muscle fibers in the same way that cast iron weights do, and even more.
But it must be recognized that there are also important differences between these 2 pieces of equipment.

Let's see which ones...

Resistance Bands Vs Weights - Fundamental Differences :

 1) Weights and Universal Gravity :

Let's start with what seems most obvious:

A cast-iron weight weighs more than a resistance band. I know, I'm not telling you much by saying it.

And yet, it changes a lot. If you had asked Isaac Newton, he would have said "Law of Universal Gravity". That's right, you should have worked harder at school if you didn't understand. 😂
One of the things it means is that you have to make a special effort to get your weights off the floor and up to the ceiling. That's why all weights exercises involve a push from the bottom up.
The only way to do otherwise is to use machines with pulleys and guided loads. But as you know, this kind of equipment is very expensive. That's not the case for the kit of Resistance Bands!
Haryzona - Kit Resistance Bands

 2) The lightness of the resistance band :

Conversely, a resistance band does not need the earth's attraction to provide resistance.

The force to be produced depends only on the resistance of the elastic itself. You can therefore work your muscles in any direction. From top to bottom, from bottom to top, from right to left and vice versa, diagonally, etc.

So you get a multitude of possibilities whose only limit is your imagination.

We will see later on that this property has many advantages. But first, let's make a small comparison between resistance bands and weights...
Through this article, I try to show the superiority of resistance bands over dumbbells, however, I wouldn't want to completely denigrate dumbbells which remains one of the most workout equipment used in the world. Read this article which gives you 10 reasons to use dumbbells for weight loss.

Weights for Fitness or Strenght Training :

Bodybuilder Dumbbells - Haryzona 

1) Advantages of weights :

1.1. No limit

Let's face it, the main advantage of dumbbells is that there is no limit to the weight you can try to lift. If you have enough cast iron and strong enough bars, there is nothing to stop you from loading up to 600 lbs if you can lift them.

This is why dumbbells will probably remain the preferred choice of bodybuilders and powerlifters for many years to come.

1.2. Efficiency

I can't leave that out because it wouldn't be fair.

Free weights have long proven their effectiveness in building muscle volume and strength. There's no denying that!

Training with weights also makes it easy to burn fat.

1.3. It's more impressive (in front of the girls)

Even if it is not an advantage in the practice of the sport itself, it must be recognized that it is easier to impress those who watch you lift weights than if you do the same exercise with the same intensity using only a resistance band.

Our ego is made that way. Maybe that's why men prefer to use dumbbells and bars in the gym. It's easier to impress a girl with 250 lbs in bench press than with 2 black elastics + 2 green elastics + 1 blue elastic for example. You know what I mean 🙂

In short, if your goal is to lift very heavy, to become a bodybuilder or powerlifter, dumbbells are for you.

But I know that this is not the goal of the majority of those who do bodybuilding or fitness at home.
Dumbbells - Haryzona's Blog

 2) Disadvantages of weights :

2.1. The clutter

One of the disadvantages of weights is the space you have to reserve for them. You have to store the short bars, one or 2 long bars, an EZ bar, and a multitude of cast-iron discs.

Not to mention all the equipment that is inseparable from the use of weights.

In general, if you want to be sufficiently equipped, you must buy a rack for the dumbbells, bars and discs, a bench for the bench press and the bench press, candles for the squats, etc.

This can quickly become a problem if your accommodation is not very large. For a long time, I had to share my room with my weight bench, which I had to move with every workout.

2.2. The price

This brings us another major drawback: cost. To be well-equipped with weights is very expensive.

Of course, when you buy your first pair of dumbbells, you don't spend a lot of money. But that will change quickly if you want to progress.

You have to know that cast iron discs are usually bought by the kilo. Today, you will pay about $3 per kilo in the cheapest shops, without counting the price of the bars.

When you will have to buy all the necessary equipment I'm talking about above, you will easily reach $450 (without counting the rack and the varieties of bars) for all your equipment.

2.3. The weight

Paradoxically, one of the major advantages of weights is also its main handicap.

Indeed, weights are not transportable. This means that every time you go somewhere, you have to make sure that you have access to a weight room nearby. This usually involves extra expenses.

Otherwise, you'll have to leave your workout behind when you're on the go.

2.4. The possibility of cheating while on the move

It is not uncommon to see people training with loads that are beyond their true abilities.

One of the problems with using weights is that you can take advantage of the momentum generated during the movement. Not only is it useless, but it is also dangerous.

The weight lifted must always be controlled.

The risk of injury with dumbbells / Haryzona's Blog
2.5. The risk of injury

Having suffered the consequences on several occasions, I must admit that the risk of injury is much greater with weights.

This is due to the very nature of this equipment. The heavier you work, the greater the risk of injury.

The first time I suffered lumbago, I was 27 years old and I was doing lateral lifts with dumbbells loaded at 50 lbs each. A false move caused me to get stuck with dumbbells in my hands. Luckily I was not alone!

That's why you always have to find a partner when you want to train with heavy loads.

It's also particularly difficult to train with weights if you already have a back or shoulder problem.

Resistance Bands for Fitness or Strength Training :

Haryzona - Resistance Bands Fitness

 1) Advantages of a resistance band :

1.1. Adaptability

Resistance bands make it possible to follow any kind of training anywhere.

You can use them to do a session with relatively low tension to lose weight or increase strength in a real workout to build muscle volume.

I said earlier that resistance bands allow you, unlike weights, to work your muscles in any direction. This allows you to train by doing movements that resemble what you do in other sports, and therefore improve your performance in a specific way.

Let's take an example:

Let's imagine you're a tennis player. If you want to improve the power of your forehand or serve, you will find it difficult to work on this ability with dumbbells.

Indeed, dumbbells do not allow you to work in a right to left movement parallel to the ground, and even less in an up and down movement with contraction of the abdominals at the end of the movement.

On the other hand, you will have no difficulty working this kind of movement with a resistance band. You will only need to use a door anchor to perform the corresponding movements with a more or less strong muscle-building rubber band.

And you will soon realize that this is true for all kinds of movements, and therefore for all kinds of sports.
1.2. Space and ease of transport

These latex tubes really can help you gain flexibility and muscle volume without taking up space.

If you use super quality resistance bands, you won't need to invest in weights or gym equipment. They will allow you to get the best possible workout anytime, anywhere.

For example, the kit I use (Haryzona's Resistance Bands Set) can create resistance equivalent to 100 lbs, while it fits in a small bag that weighs 6 lbs in total. I carry it easily in a suitcase.

Haryzona's Kit Resistance Bands
This ease of transport is certainly one of the greatest advantages of this type of material. You can really take it with you anywhere, including to the office, on business or holiday.

You will no longer have any excuse not to train.
1.3. The price

Another advantage, and not the least, is the price/performance ratio.

If you wanted to do the same number of exercises with weights, you would have to invest at least in 130 lbs of cast-iron discs ($130), 2 short bars ($22), 1 long bar ($45), 1 multifunctional tilting bench ($135) and candles ($79). This makes a total of $410.

Even when I bought a 100 lbs Haryzona' Kit Resistance Bands, I spent a few dozen dollars. I should have spent $400 to reach the same resistance with free weights.

Be careful though about the quality of the resistance bands you buy. They are not all the same. For my part, I chose the Haryzona brand. According to intensive users, it is the best brand technically.

My recommendation: 
For those who are determined to build muscle, I recommend the resistance bands set.
For those who simply prefer to lose weight or to maintain themselves, I usually recommend them to have a look at the mini resistance bands (click on the link to see them).
1.4. Reducing the risk of injury

Many doctors and therapists recommend the use of a resistance band, including for rehabilitation. This is not for nothing.

Training with free weights such as dumbbells often puts a lot of stress on the joints. At my age (45, yes!), this difference is particularly obvious. I don't feel any joint pain when using the resistance bands, even on intense efforts.

So you can easily increase the resistance without risking injury.

This is impossible with weights. If you have taken on too heavy a load, you will have to find a solution anyway to put the bar back in its place or to put the dumbbells back on the ground. Even if you are young, this can sometimes create complicated situations.

I'm talking about it with full knowledge of the facts! I've been stuck under a heavy load several times in squat or bench press, sometimes while training alone.

That's why you can work as hard as possible with resistance bands, even if you are alone. This is strictly impossible with weights and even dangerous.
Resistance Bands Workout 11pcs - Haryzona
1.5. The ability to stress all the muscle fibers

Many athletes using resistance bands have noted that they can more easily feel the burning of muscles during training than when using free weights.

This is because the resistance offered by a resistance band increases during movement. This allows a greater number of muscle fibers to be stressed during movement.

Haryzona - Elastic resistance bands

  2) Disadvantages of resistance bands :

2.1. The impossibility of reaching extreme loads
As I said at the beginning, this type of equipment will not be enough for a man who wants to gain extraordinary muscle volume. I'm inclined to say monstrous, but that's just me.
Still, look at what Blake Kassel gets for using only resistance bands. That's pretty good, right?
I sincerely believe that this material is enough for the vast majority of men and women, at least those who are normally constituted.
I have always preferred the musculature of gymnasts for men or fitness for girls to that of bodybuilders. Each one has his choices and these are mine (try saying that with marshmallows in your mouth 😛).



Resistance bands are an effective piece of equipment for your fitness or weight training session. It is a real alternative to weights and weight machines for a lower cost.
Resistance bands take up little space, are easy to carry, and can be used by beginners and fitness experts alike.

I have been looking for the best way to replace weights since 2006 when I started moving around almost every week.
Only the Haryzona resistance bands convinced me, while all the material I had previously tried forced me to return to free charges.
I've never been able to do such effective workouts with dumbbells at home.
This summary table will help you to visualize the commonalities and fundamental differences between dumbbells and resistance bands:
Resistance Bands vs Dumbbells - Haryzona
I hope that this article has enlightened you on the interest of resistance bands for fitness and strength training at home. I now consider this material to be indispensable in my equipment. I am sure that resistance bands will soon become indispensable in your workouts.
Until we meet again, I invite you to give me your opinion or share your experience with me.
Please, leave a comment - Haryzona

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