Pull Up Resistance Bands

Our Pull Up Resistance Bands

✅  Different levels of resistance:

Our pull up resistance bands come in different colors to differentiate them. Each color corresponds to a specific level of resistance. The weight and physical condition of the user are decisive in the choice of a flat band when working out. Several bands can be used during your workouts to achieve the desired performance.

  • Yellow: 5-15 lbs
  • Red: 20-35 lbs
  • Black: 30-50 lbs
  • Purple: 40-80 lbs
  • Green: 50-120 lbs
  • Giant Pack: All 5 bands included

⚠️  The more you pull on the band, the more resistant it will be. That's why the resistance of each band is an interval.

✅  Training:

Our pull up resistance bands will be ideal for weight training, Crossfit, Powerlifting, weightlifting, assisted pull-ups, to improve your mobility or for rehabilitation after an injury.

You will improve your strength, mobility, and flexibility. High quality, durable, safe, and extremely resistant, these will bring you maximum pleasure and safety.

These bands can be used both to make training easier, for example during pull-ups, dips, or push-ups, or to make it even more difficult, for example during stretching.

One of the main advantages of training with our HARYZONA resistance bands is that the full range of movement is exploited, allowing a complete workout of the entire musculature.

✅  High Quality:

All HARYZONA products enjoy a high-quality status. Only quality materials are used. The result: our pull up resistance bands are ultra-tear resistant and will last over time.

✅  Transport of our resistance bands:

Flat bands HARYZONA are easily transportable and universal training equipment that allows an unlimited number of bodyweight exercises.

Pull-ups are often difficult for beginners. Although individual training at home often requires the purchase of expensive equipment, with our pull up resistance bands your equipment is limited to the essentials and can also be taken everywhere without difficulty.

Flat bands HARYZONA can be folded into a special transport format. It can therefore be easily carried in a jacket pocket, in your backpack, or even simply carried on one shoulder and can be attached simply and securely almost anywhere.