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Our Resistance Bands for Glutes:

You need different levels of difficulty to train certain parts of your body?

Our resistance bands for glutes are made for you!

With our resistance bands for glutes, you can customize the intensity of your workout. Each band has a different amount of resistance and assistance. Beginning with green for 10 lbs, blue for 15 lbs, and black for 45 lbs. Select your band depending on your training level.

Whether it's for muscle building, weight loss, or stretching, your resistance bands for glutes will accompany you everywhere and will allow you to benefit from super intense workouts adapted to your physical capacities.

Little Pack characteristics:

  • Natural Latex Special Fitness
  • 3 bands of different levels of difficulty
  • Storage pocket included
  • Easy to transport

These natural latex resistance bands for glutes are used as an alternative or complement to fitness, yoga, stretching exercises, and CrossFit.

As the name suggests, these resistance bands for glutes allow you to work the buttocks, but also the whole body: legs, back, waist, bust, arms, shoulders...  They are also ideal for physical and motor rehabilitation. They are used for the rehabilitation of knees, ankles, and legs following an injury, for convalescence.

Take advantage of 3 purchased bands + 2 free thanks to our big pack of resistance bands! 

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